Spring gleaning…

new bud

The urge to sort things out in spring extends beyond closets and cupboards.

It seems a fitting time to organize one’s insights as well, what’s been gleaned from the past few seasons.

Since spring has a way of awakening thoughts about what we want, the notions i’m sorting out today have to do with desires.

You sometimes hear people say you can get anything you want if you want it badly enough and are willing to work toward it.

Nurturing desires makes them more likely to come to fruition, of course. But equanimity in the meantime requires being clear about what’s within our control and what isn’t.

In the spring, i wait for the night chill to soften, to correspond with the warming of the daytimes, and i expect to inhale that special spring smell any day now.

Nature tends to accommodate my desire eventually. I get something i want because i’m aligned with these rhythms.

Some things we simply go after.

Learning a language, for instance, or, well, organizing a closet. They will not happen without taking the initiative, investing some time, doing the work.

Let’s say you’re learning Spanish — and then you decide you’d like to visit Spain. The obstacles get a little bigger, maybe with regard to finances or getting time away from a job.

You may have to think through larger trade-offs involved in the endeavor.

In other circumstances, the longing for something has little to no bearing on getting it.

I may have thought i interviewed well for that job, but the ultimate determinant of whether i land the position is out of my hands.

Especially in the arena of relationships, where we want someone we love to be healthier, or happier, or to love us back, we can only do so much toward fostering that reality.

What we do have some influence over is how we choose to view such situations, how we cope with and compartmentalize them.

Our lives are an amalgam of randomness, consequences, and our ways of seeing and sorting them.

There’s a delicate art to identifying and distinguishing between desires, goals and expectations.

And it’s a balancing act to prioritize and pursue what we want, while simultaneously working on being ok with the possibility of not getting it.

I’ve noticed since last spring that it can be very gratifying to see things go as planned –and that it can be very gratifying to be able to roll with it when they don’t.

Well, i guess that would cover just about everything.

Which suggests another spring gleaning — gratitude, then, is always in order.