August haiku…

calm after storm

In April i wrote about how my spring seemed delayed this year. With summer came, finally, a return to rhythm, a settling in to ordinariness after a crisis. At such times the mundane is very welcome.

Arriving at the other side of a crisis — whether a medical one, relational, financial or otherwise — means discovering how much of it will stay with you, and how much of it you can truly move beyond. The damage is done — the healing is not. I’ve decided that the scars i bring along into the future do not need to define me. They are significant, but they are not the most significant thing about me.

You know how when you’re looking for a song video, some of them have the lyrics superimposed over the images?  I like to think of the cancer recovery as text i choose to scroll behind the trees and flowers and friends.

Thinking about that foreground of life moving forward, i thought i’d try my hand at a haiku. I realize this poetic form does not need a title, but mine has one anyway.  


Eliot’s April

Cruel month it was

Dangling taste of sunny days

Summer came and went

Quiet September

No ceasing seasons’ passing

Gladder spring next year


Wherever you are in facing life’s challenges, i wish you hope.

5 thoughts on “August haiku…

  1. Katherine, I found your words very moving and although I’m not a tree or a flower I wish you,
    as a friend, hope as you move forwards.

    Good job on the Haiku !

  2. Haikudos to you Katherine…u inspire me! Your haiku led me to some contemplative thoughts. I am privileged to have known you for many seasons.
    A nostalgic ambulation down memory lane…
    ‘Sunsets and sunrises from east to west.
    Alotta lattes for many different reasons.
    North to south from worst to best.
    Walks on beaches in exotic places.
    West to midwest without a rest.
    Different places with different faces.’
    Thanks Shao Mao…you continue to help transform me into a better person!?

    Seasons of life-
    We bloom from spring to summer season of life
    With rays of hope
    The wind of time leaves one blown to autumn of life
    Obscured by clouds with daze of hope
    A being of all seasons confronted with the inevitable
    Fall to winter season of life
    In hope of eternal springs
    (a pseudo haikudo)
    … gladder springs Shao meow

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