A new year’s post?

Well, this is a little disconcerting, a new year’s post in March.

But as the turn of the year fell during my recent unanticipated absence, i didn’t want to miss taking note of it now that i’m back.

Marking off the segments of our lives by the calendar can seem arbitrary — has anything really changed other than the date? — yet we do seem to have a deep-seated inclination to do so. Or, as with resolutions, it’s that we take advantage of the flip of that particular calendar page to deliberately impose a reboot.

The following untitled poem by my dear friend Kris Harmelink (shared with her permission) touches on these ideas.


One moment

Bleeds to the next

But I draw up

A distinction,

I break those unsuspecting

Moments apart


That was then

But this is now:

A newness


Happy new moment!


Morning dark

stars pine trees

Hello readers!  I’m back from a brief absence, and with this post i’m returning to an early passion for poetry. I hope something in the following piece speaks to you.


Morning Dark

In the still of earliest morning

Dark still rules yet pledges light

I’m thinking of how things fall apart.


And how mirth collides with mourning

With dawn afar, dark heralds night

Color in shadows requires art


And rarely, with less forewarning,

Things come together, they turn upright

This i stumbled on by heart


The art we make at night must be with inner light composed

So with a heart that’s scarred and yet more open than supposed

I find most often now I write with both of my eyes closed