What’s your blog about?

It’s about how the end justifies the memes.

Ok, that’s not a serious answer — although it’s true that this blog does include the occasional meme.

Over the years, i’ve given a fair amount of thought to answering the query concisely — starting with concocting the tagline about reflections. 

When i began blogging, i’d had little exposure to the blogosphere in general. I simply set out to write about what interests me, hoping to make it interesting to others.

Now that i’ve been around the blog-block for a bit, i sometimes describe mine by noting what it’s not…
It’s not a running public diary of personal experiences. 
It’s not designed to sell a product or to promote a lifestyle, and it isn’t centered around a visual art form or hobby. Nor is it constructed to cover news and relay my opinions about it.

Yet personal experiences, hobbies, lifestyle and news do get braided in, with a smidgen of humor, music, and short fiction. 

I consider the load-bearing wall of the blog to be the essays, with the animating principles behind them being:
Are these ideas both true and meaningful?
Salient for others and elegantly expressed?

Emerson is said to have greeted his friends with the question, “What has become clear to you since we last met?”

That’s what i propose to answer with each post. Sometimes it’s only questions that become clearer, rather than answers.

The hope is for one free-hearted writer’s vicissitudes, tartly observed yet sprinkled with fellow-feeling, to be a refreshment to others.

It’s October, so — for those of you this appeals to — i’d like to think it’s the pumpkin spice latte of your blog browsing. 

The rest can fill in the best meme for you.