4 thoughts on “Theory and practice…

  1. It’s a great quote, but I think BrainyQuote errs in attributing it to Yogi Berra.  The wording is a little too polished.

    Quote Investigator traces the idea (with slightly different wording) back to Benjamin Brewster in 1882 and remarks on some later versions and various attributions:


    I believe Yogi did say something like

            «I never said half the things I said.»


    • Oh thank you for pointing this out, Mellow!!

      I always check quotes before posting, but it was my mistake to trust BrainyQuote.

      Saw that there’s an Einstein version, which made it plausible to me that Berra could have simplified it — but i see it wasn’t Einstein’s either.

      I’ll update the post.

      (Reminds me of the meme quoting Abe Lincoln as saying: “The problem with internet quotes is that you cannot always depend on their accuracy.”)

      Best thing to come out of this: the Quote Investigator resource. Thanks again!

    • I think the conviction that a theory will play out as intended in practice often operates unconsciously, and that’s why i like this sideways reminder of the sometimes jarring divergence between them

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