3 thoughts on “Darkness, lightness…

  1. How can one presume to have such knowledge of darkness… i would tend to think only darkness would know the truth, and it seems to be keeping the answer to itself.
    What is darkness insatiable hunger for, more darkness or for lightness…both?
    I did not know that lightness had a sound, if it does can you describe it so I will recognize its call when I hear it?… seems to me lightness was designed to be seen and not heard, perhaps that is why it’s call is hard to hear.
    ‘dagway’- ever the skeptical contrarian.

    • Rather than presuming knowledge, i would consider this quote about darkness and light as a poetic expression describing experience.
      Darkness seems to be hungry for taking anything it can into itself, the way shadow gradually covers color at dusk, and makes clear vision impossible until light drives it away again at dawn. Lightness is not non-existent, just somewhere else for a time. I like the way this quote blends the senses of hunger, sight and sound to describe both darkness and light beckoning.

  2. My apologies to anyone who has the gift of chromesthesia. You indeed may possibly be able to shed some light in regard to the sound of lightness. If of course one can define just exactly what color lightness is? I myself do not have such a gift, so I would indeed be interested in how a synesthete might describe the sound of light via photism.

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